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Introducing our adorable Blue Baby boy crib quilt! Measuring 40x33 inches, this handmade quilt is perfect for keeping your little one cozy and comfortable. The charming design features cute Teddy Bears and Friends, adding a playful touch to your nursery.

Crafted with love and attention to detail, this quilt is made from 100 percent cotton, ensuring softness and warmth for your baby. Whether it's nap time or bedtime, this quilt will provide a snug and cozy environment for your little bundle of joy.

Not only does this quilt provide comfort, but it also adds a delightful decorative element to your nursery. The soothing blue color is perfect for a baby boy's room, creating a peaceful and inviting atmosphere.

Invest in this charming Blue Baby boy crib quilt and give your little one the warmth and love they deserve. Handmade with care and made from 100 percent cotton, this quilt is not only practical but also a beautiful addition

Boys Teddy and Friends Quilt

  • Rule #1: The worst thing you can do for this quilt is to put it in a closet or keep it tucked away from the world! This quilt was created to be used and to be loved! Snuggle under it and unwind after a long day.  It should not need machine cleaning no more than once a year. However, before you wash your quilt, ask yourself Can I spot clean the quilt? If YES, you just have a small area that needs a little TLC,  please spot clean.  if you need to wash, I will send full  care instructions out with your quilts.

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